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Ayles Natural Landscaping Ltd. Moncton New Brunswick

Ayles Natural Landscaping Limited, a corporation, providing Landscape Management and Installation Services since 1996 . With a dedication to total customer satisfaction and professional workmanship it has grown to be a leader in the green industry.


Company Core Values

         P- Peer to Peer Accountability
         R- Respect for each other
         A- Attitudes Positive
         I- Improvement Continuously
         S- Strengths of the individual
         E- Excellence


Value Proposition: 3 C's

Committed – to meeting our clients expectations
Communicate- communicating effectively face to face
Consistent – positive memorable service


Our Values

Company History

In 1996, Brent Ayles, native son of Moncton, returned from Horticulture Training and Business College to assist in growing a family run operation. At this time the operation became known as Ayles Natural Landscaping, with all focus on The Natural Approach.

Throughout 1996-1998, Ayles Natural Landscaping provided their customers with general landscape maintenance activities that included lawn maintenance, raking, trimming, gardening, and snow removal which employed 2 full time seasonal employees.

In 1999, Ayles Natural Landscaping was incorporated as Ayles Natural Landscaping Limited. With a strong focus on the environment they began to promote Organic Management Services which in turn promoted the reduction of chemical pesticides within their operation. With a dedication to Quality Service the company began to experience growth.

In 2000, with approximately 6 full time seasonal staff, the company started to provide their customers with landscape renovations and small installation projects. Every year since these projects have expanded into larger projects always with a commitment to quality.

In 2001 the company employed 8 full time horticultural staff in which the Landscape Installation division of the company began to grow, providing their clients with project management from start to finish.

Vision Statement

"To Positively Impact our Clients and the Environment with our Team of Landscape Professionals."

Thru 2008-2010, the company was Awarded 2 "Landscape Excellence Awards", both in Residential Landscape Maintenance and Residential Landscape Construction. Thanks to our clients, team, families, and mentors we all share the experience!

2010- An Operations Management Team was added to oversee every aspect of implementing our projects and services: from cost control, job costing, operational efficiency, to teaching and developing landscape professionals. This enabled Ayles to expand existing services and add new services to the marketing mix. This was the paradigm shift to become a company driven by decisions based on facts and critical data. The company experienced growth in excess of 20 percent in sales and a team that consisted of 34 team members.

2011- Was a building year driven by data derived by operational efficiency and knowing our numbers better than any year previous. The company maintained sales levels but also reduced operating costs by 25%- at a total company effort we are working towards a well managed operation that focuses on well made decisions based on financial performance with an ultimate goal of producing a ROI of 15%.

2012- Had proven to be a growth year on inter operations and field performance. Internally, the company began to operate under three key divisions: Sales and Marketing, operations, and Admin/ Accounting. Our field operations maintained field team members of 22 Landscape Professionals and 6 lead Team Members. New to the team this year is our Sales and Marketing Coordinator with the focus of our abilities to 'maintain" client relations and to prospect for new clients.

We are committed to working and living our Mission-Vision-Values daily.

Mission Statement

In 2002 the company was nominated for an Environmental Excellence Award with the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce. With our "Natural Approach" to Landscape Management and our dedication to Sustainable Installations, we trust that we offer the highest level of professionalism.

In 2003 we had 10 full time members of our team with additional personnel at peak seasons. We take great pride in providing our team of professionals with training and skill development. With one Landscape Industry Certified Horticultural Technician we plan to grow this level of expertise within our company. We continue to provide our clients with Landscape Management and Installation services with a commitment to the environment.

From 2004 to 2006 the opportunities for managed growth and development were favorable, increasing the competitive advantage for the company. No matter how small or large the project is at hand we realize that "Building a Strong Customer Relationship" with our clients and providing top quality products and services is the key to the overall success of Ayles Natural Landscaping Limited.

From 2006-2012 the companies team has grown to involve 28 full time seasonal landscape professionals with specialized knowledge and education areas; of turf, trees, ornamentals, hardscapes, wood projects, and snow and ice management. With a focus on team development we strive to provide an amazing service experience with the end result of building and maintaining award winning landscapes. We work with the largest room of our client's homes, their outdoor living spaces.

Strong Customer Relationship

No matter how small or large the project is at hand we realize that "Building a Strong Customer Relationship" with our clients is the key to overall success.


To Positively Impact our Clients and the Environment with our Team of Landscape Professionals

We care about the environment

Ayles Natural Landscaping, with all focus on The Natural Approach

Executive Team

Brent Ayles

President/CEO- Team Development

Blake Kelly

Design Build Manager of Operations

Daniel Marr

Manager of Accounting

Corporate Team

Kim Wilmot

Soft Scape and Landscape Manager

Bethany MacDonald

Inter Office Manager

Kim Ayles

Accounting and Wellness Coach

Troy Warren

CLT- Landscape Design Build / Snow and Ice Division Working Supervisor

Melanie Rekola

Landscape Designer, Certified Horticulturist, 3D Artist, Garden Writer

Melissa MacNeil

Landscape Journeyman Red Seal Soft Scape Division Working Supervisor

Stacey Cormier

Receptionist & Workplace Wellness Coordinator

Jamieson Hay

Urban Forestry Tech- Enhancement Division - Turf and Plant Health Care

Kevin Steen

Water Division - Pool and Spas

Julie Smearer

BSc Forestry Landscape Management Division Supervisor

Samantha McMahon

Soft Scape and Plant Health Care Tech

Austin Ayles

General Utility / Landscape Tech

Eric MacKenzie

BSc Forestry Sales and Account Manager

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