Photo Credit: Adam Kahtava

With only another month or so away from yet another spring season we will this month take a look at some of the environmental issues that we hear so much about.  As we enjoy our life on this great earth it is so critical that we do make our impact on the environment lighter than that of the past generation.  The question remains… our individual activities and lifestyle choices actually make a difference? Can we as individuals truly have an impact on the environment? 

The answer remains and always will be YES!

It all seems very deceiving but true.  All the talk of global warming and how certain parts of the world will be completely under water in approximately 50 years unless drastic changes are made today in our view of the world environment.  This past month I was on a hike in the back country with a great friend of mine.  After just recently watching the movie “Unbelievable Truth” by Al Gore the focus of our conversation was:  Can the little things we do, individual lifestyle choices, have an impact on Global Warming?  As environmental experts states this is a life and death situation for future generations.  It is over whelming thinking how we can actually have an impact and make a difference when we are such a small part of the equation.

I would challenge each of us to move our thoughts away from “Global” and focus on “Local”.  Think of our immediate environment and how we can make it a healthier and safer place to live. Taking a few simple steps can make an impact locally helping the fight of global warming.

So let us take a look at an over looked area in our lifestyle that directly affects our environment.
Transportation seems to be a main area of concern.  During a recent visit to Canmore Alberta just outside on Banff National Park I was amazed with how many people actually choose to use alternative means of transportation.  The first and most obvious was the mountain bike.  Many people are utilizing bikes to lessen there impact on the environment.  Some may argue well they can’t afford a modern day automobile, and yes in some instances that may be so, however with many it is a personal choice both for the environment and for their personal health.  Another way is the over all outlook on car pooling.  Meeting in a general area and sharing vehicles to travel into work centers tends to be the norm.  As we look around our local area we can easily see how spread out all the amenities for life are.  We must go here for groceries, across the bridge to the doctor, up town for our clothing and so on.  While living in smaller cities it certainly does not seem realistic to bike or walk.  However start small and walk or bike to the local market.  Simply by choosing to exercise and choose alternate travel can help the reductions in carbon monoxide and green house gases.  So again, it all starts with a simple decision to make a difference.

We must take the time to educate ourselves and come to terms with how our personal decisions impact the environment.  Taking individual efforts to make a positive difference will help the global effect.  It all starts within each person.  A personal decision to live a healthier and an abundant life, making our impact lighter for the future.  That is where it starts with the fight against Global Warming.

From the clothing we wear, the food we eat, the electricity we consume, the transportation we choose all have an impact.  What simple step will we each take? 

Think Global. Start Local!