With new legislation in NB regulating and limiting pesticide use, we must now depend more than ever on one of the biggest tools in our “Green” Tool Box .... the soil test. Restrictions on the amount of spraying that can be done for weeds or insects on any given property are already in place, with further limitations in the near future. Therefore, we must concentrate on the soil science of what a lawn needs to maintain a thick, healthy & lush appearance. This in turn makes it much more resistant to damage by insects and gives
weed seeds little chance of germination.

In addition to the regular fall turf management practices that we have always promoted such as:

  • a) gradually reducing mowing height to 2.5” to 3” to reduce chances for winter kill.
  • b) Core aeration to reduce soil compaction and allow nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • c) Fall dormant fertilizer application to prepare turf areas for the early spring season.