Once the snow starts to fall we homeowners have a tendancy to turn off our landscaping brains and hunker down for the winter season. But, if you have a project that you're looking to start in the spring, you may not want to go into landscaping-hybernation. Once we move out of the holiday months it's important to start planning your landscaping project before the grass begins to show. Why?

1) You get longer to enjoy it!  If your deck/firepit/garden is built in the spring, you have all summer to enjoy it as opposed to if it's built later in the summer. Remember, other people are planning their projects as well so you want to be at the front of the line to get your project done.

2) Early planning also means that you have time to gather ideas, get pricing, and work your budget. Choosing between samples and styles is a lot more fun when you have more time to work with. 


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