Landscape Designer –Industry Sales Professional

Job Summary:

Sales Team member with abilities to create landscape design drawings; 2D and 3D and Visual presentations-covering all aspects of Planting, Soft Scape, Hardscapes, Structural Features and the Management and after care of landscape environments – passion for outdoor living and the environment.

Reports To: President / VP Sales and Marketing

Job Responsibilities and Key Deliverables:

  • Design and Presentation Preparations Survey and assess sites, prepare drawings, sketches and reports; and perform other duties in designing landscaped environments;
  • Meet with Clients to discuss work opportunities, discuss concepts, proposal presentation within Company Sales Process and all aspects of defined sales process. From Needs appointment, to site assessments, to closing the sale.
  • Establish Qualified Leads for divisions of company as directed by VP Sales-Fill the Marketing Pipeline
  • Assist in Developing all aspects of Marketing program; Products, Price, Place, and Promotions
  • Educate and Communicate Clients through verbal, written, and online media communications
  • Manage Client Expectations via face to face, telephone, email, and all forms of contact.
  • Manage Client Care Relations Process-Marketing Gant Chart
  • Assist with Selling Enhancements and Approval of Change Orders
  • All other responsibilities associated with the position as detailed within Sales Process Manual

Education: Education Experience Requirements for the Job:

  • Environmental Horticulture Diploma or Degree or Equivalent or
  • Landscape Design Diploma – Computerized Design 2D and 3D -
  • Relevant Experience in Business Office, Marketing, and Sales environment, Aptitude for Corporate Efficiency

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Proficient in design and graphic communication skills
• Competent in the technical skills of landscape design
• Analyze needs and product requirements to create a design
• Manage multiple projects and effectively meet deadlines

Personal Attributes:

-Positive Attitude, Relational, Punctual, Organized, Self-motivated, Strong Communication Skills, Work Well in a Team Environment and Time Management Skills. The ability to handle stressful situations and deadline pressures is also important.

Compensation Range:

  • Salary Compensation - Full Time Year around – Accept Above Industry Trending Data plus profit share starting range
  • Health Care and Benefits, Mobility Share Plan, Company Vehicle Plan
  • Additions-Profit Share Plan as outlined in separate cover – provided within employment process

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