Plant Hope Adjusters


Client: Plant Hope Adjusters

Location: Main Street, Moncton NB

Year Completed: 2011

Awards: Landscape New Brunswick 2011 Commercial Lawn and Garden Maintenance winner.

Plant Hope Adjusters relocated to the Dieppe area in 2010 with a state of the art new designed building and appealing yet affordable landscape, both of which would create curb appeal and a sense of place both for clients and employees.

The landscape installation involved working with the general contractor both before and after construction ensuring proper grading, layout, and installation to meet local building codes and development permits.

The green space included front entrance and foundation perennial beds with full color that surrounded the property, conservation of rear trees on property, a green zone for the employees that included a living wall constructed with cedar and vines and also a seating area for enjoyment at break times.

Annual Landscape Management includes turf, plant health care, and snow and ice management services; covering all aspects of the landscape.

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