Building an All Star Team

SIMA Snow Business Magazine - Cover story Dec 2018

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Like A Boss: Managing Rapid Growth - Turf

Check out the Like A Boss: Managaing Rapid Growth Article featuring content from our President Brent Ayles.

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Placing a Natural Stone Rock

Tips on how to place a natural rock in your landscape.

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Top Three Finalists in Excellence in Business

Ayles Natural Landscaping was nominated into the top three finalists for excellence in business...

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National Tree Planting Day

For National Tree planting day, Ayles Natural Landscaping donated a Native Red Maple Tree to Riverview Middle School.

We had Madam Bourque's grade 6 Class come and watch us present, on the proper way to plant a tree.

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Raised Vegetable Planters

 Have you wanted to grow your own vegetable but didn't have the space or the time? We have a solution ... 

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And the Winning Project is ...

We were honoured at the 2013 Landscape New Brunswick Awards Gala this past weekend when Ayles received an award for excellence in landscaping for the category of "Specialty Feature: Unique Landscape Feature". 

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Building Fences and Decks in the Spring

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked during the months of March and April is "When can you start landscaping work?". 

The answer to this is not as easy as it first sounds because landscaping work depends so heavily on the weather (and in Atlantic Canada Mother Nature is particularly unpredictable).

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This is the Future of Water Management

On a recent trip to DC we learned of an exciting new technology that is revolutionizing the way people use water on their properties. It may not look very glamorous or exciting but it is the future of water management.

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When Should You Start Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project? Now!

Don't go into landscaping hybernation!

Start planning your landscaping project now!


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Hope Blooms Campaign Update

There are some of you sitting there thinking "I ordered daffodil bulbs but I haven’t seem them be planted yet!"... and you're right! We had planned to plant the bulbs in the first half of November but this tropical weather we have been having in Moncton has prevented that! You see, we can't plant the bulbs when the soil is still warm because the bulbs will rot (which is not good).

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Moncton Fall Tree Planting

This month we're part of an exciting project planting 300+ trees in Moncton! 

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