From now until the end of October, we will be donating the proceeds for every daffodil bulb planted to the Canadian Cancer Society. Local homeowners and businesses are invited and encouraged to take part of this initiative to support the Canadian Cancer Society. Though this is the first year for the Hope Blooms campaign, Ayles has a history of supporting this cause. This year though we really felt like or support needed to go beyond cutting a cheque but rather we needed to help rally the community together for this great cause.

Daffodils are the Canadian Cancer Society’s symbol of hope. As part of this initiative, there is a  50 bulb minimum per order. Interestingly, this year marks the 75th anniversery of the Canadian Cancer Society. Funds raised will be invested in cancer research, information, prevention, advocacy initiatives and support programs for people living with cancer in New Brunswick.

It may be strange to think about planting spring flowers now but though they don’t bloom until spring, daffodil bulbs are best planted during the fall months, right before the cold snap. Daffodils are perennials that require very little maintenance and which typically bloom in May for around 3 weeks. That means that during those three weeks there will be an obvious show of support for all the lives touched by the disease.

If you're interested in being a part of this great initiative call us at 858-0332 or email
Let's make hope bloom this spring!