As the Hurricane Sandy draws near and we get some of the wind, rain, and mess that comes with her, it's the perfect time to review some key ways that you can protect yourself and your property from extreme weather conditions. While there are many way that you can hurricane-proof your home, here are our top 5 actions that you should take to protect your home and yard during a storm:

1. Stake those plants! - If it could blow away or snap off, stake it. You don't want  debris blowing around and you want to keep the plants you've neutered in your garden.

2. Trim the trees - If you can see damaged or dead tree branches that could easily become a projectile if the wind picked up, try and cut (or get it cut) down. This may save you a broken window or smashed car.

3. Cover your pool - Really make sure that you've secured your pool or spa to the best of your

4. Store Your Chairs - Like a loose tree branch,  a lawn chair/table/decoration can easily become a damaging projectile. So, save yourself the repair bill and just make sure all of your lawn furniture and decorations are safely indoors.

5. Ensure Proper Drainage - Flooding is a real mess and a real possibility when we gets storms that drop a lot of water. So, while this really should be done well in advance of a storm threat, one of the best ways to protect your property is to make sure that you have adequate drainage in your yard. The right drainage will direct the water away from your foundation and help you avoid a soggy situation.

If you are interested in having trees trimmed or drainage put in, please always feel free to call our office at 858 - 0332

Stay safe everyone