Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Within our vision statement we focus on positively impacting the environment. We provide solutions to water ways , streams , wood lands and timber all focused on procedures that impact the environment minimally.

Environmental Services include development build site preparations including wood harvest selection and land clearing thru closed cutting techniques with minimal impact on surrounding landscapes.

From tree conservation and selection to harvesting and removal.

At Ayles we are always striving to gain a competitive advantage in ways that separate our operation from the status quo.

With our Vision Statement - " To Positively Impact our Clients and the Environment with our Team of Landscape Professionals"

SUSTAINABLE simply put - not over consuming today that limits future generations.

3 Key Components:

1. Green Practices

We are in the Green Business. "The Natural Approach" has been the company slogan since day.

We are in the business of building and maintaining landscapes with minimal impact on the environment. With continuos chemical reduction in how we manage our landscapes to the design and build practices - our foot print needs to be the least.

We design build using the best selection of local products within Atlantic Canada. Lightening our greenhouse gas emissions for long transportations costs.

When possible our fleet of vehicles measurable goal is 1:10. Meaning 1 out of 10 vehicles needs to be an efficient fuel vehicle - such as but limited to the ever popular Prius electric gas hybrid vehicle and small non production bases vehicles.


2. Renewable Resources

We have a rule that all debris from the landscapes we maintain and build that 80 percent must be composted and/or have the ability to be reused - otherwise it does not come to our operation.

We compost all of the green and brown waste within our operation. Just as an example in 3 years over 500 cu tons of composted soil has been produced. This will go to be utilized as an amendment and valuable soil product.


3. Sustainable Design Build and Management Practices

How we design build and maintain our landscapes our goal is to maintain and protect surrounding environments leaving a minimal foot print. From leading practices with in the green industry we are true stewards of the land.


We Support Environmental Stewardship

In November 2017 our crews delivered materials to assist in the building of swallow nests in Shediac, NB.


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