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Snow & Ice Control

With a focus on quality and safety, we manage snow and ice on both residential and commercial properties.

With our team of professionals, developed through continuing learning and being a member of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association), we work to make your white season as safe and hassle free as possible.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests, clients, and staff are safe when commuting or walking around your home or business.

We provide 24/7 services for:

  • Ice Control
    We offer various ice control options, such as calcium chloride, sanding, and salting.
  • Snow Clearing
    Plowing, pushing, or shoveling snow to the perimeter of the area (driveway, parking lot, etc)
  • Snow Shoveling
    Using hand tools (shovels, brooms, etc) to move snow from smaller areas and walkways.
  • Snow Relocation
    Moving snow from one area on your property to another.
  • Snow Removal
    Relocating snow from your property to a safe disposal location.

With all snow and ice control services, we keep detailed records of our work, including vehicle locations, dates and times, in the event you need to defend a slip and fall claim by a visitor to your property.

Let us worry about snow and ice control. Get in touch to book a free onsite evaluation and estimate before the white season begins.